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Biographie Corrugated is the structural form of building materials, which can be made of a variety of special materials. It is mostly made of aluminum, which is used for anti-corrosion and thermal insulation. The dimensions of corrugated are divided into: A, B, C, E and F. Corrugated plate and corrugated aluminum plate are applicable to the roof, wall and internal and external wall decoration of industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings and long-span steel structure houses. Corrugated aluminum plate (corrugated aluminum plate) has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, rich color, convenient and fast construction, earthquake resistance, fire prevention, rain proof, long service life and maintenance free. It has been widely used. There have been many plastic extrusion corrugated boards, corrugated aluminum plates and corrugated aluminum plates, including transparent, opaque and colored, and multilayer composite hollow. Because of its good plasticity, it can better meet the requirements of various architectural shapes, but compared with the performance of service life, beauty and durability, color steel corrugated board is better. Corrugated machine is a machine that presses the base paper into corrugated shape through the corrugated wheel on it. It is an important part of corrugated board production line.

The machine is composed of vacuum suction hood, paper guide copper negative, air suction pipe and muffler. The working principle is that the base paper adjusts the tension through the paper guide roller, the anticipating wheel controls the temperature, enters the corrugated channel between the heated upper and lower corrugations through the upper and lower corrugation tops, presses and irons into a corrugated shape at the center of the upper and lower corrugation rollers, and is shaped after being pasted. The corrugated paper gradually pastes with the heating of the paste during the continuous operation of the upper and lower corrugations, and is connected with the center of the upper and lower corrugation rollers and the pressure roller, At the same time, after the temperature is controlled by the preheating roller, the face paper reaching the pressure roller is composite dried. Therefore, the corrugator conveying system operates at high speed to continuously produce various corrugated paperboards. This also includes a lot of corrugated machine spares.

Corrugated board production line, referred to as corrugated line for short, is the key production equipment of corrugated box production enterprises. Corrugated board production line is the most important production line equipment in carton packaging enterprises, including wet end equipment, cadre equipment, production management system and other important components. According to the corrugated board production process, the corrugated board production line is composed of two relatively independent process sections: wet end equipment and cadre equipment. The wet end equipment mainly includes base paper holder, automatic paper receiving machine, preheating preset, single-sided corrugated machine, paper conveying overpass, gluing machine, double-sided machine, etc. the wet end equipment makes corrugated base paper into three, five and seven layers of corrugated board with different corrugated type combinations; Cadre equipment mainly includes rotary cutting machine, longitudinal cutting indentation machine, cross cutting machine, stacking machine, etc. cadre equipment will perform longitudinal cutting indentation, cross cutting and stacking of corrugated board according to the order requirements. Corrugated board production line is the key production equipment of corrugated box production enterprises. Facing the increasingly fierce market competition and the requirements of corrugated box users for large order specifications, small quantity and fast delivery, corrugated box enterprises must improve the production management level of corrugated board production line by improving the automation degree of corrugated board production line, so as to improve quality, improve efficiency, save energy, save manpower and reduce consumables For the purpose of reducing waste products, cadre equipment is the key to achieve this goal. Corrugated box enterprises should comprehensively upgrade and transform the cadre equipment of the old production line, and the new production line should be equipped with fully automatic cadre equipment with production management system.

Corrugated line is the abbreviation of corrugated board production line. It is a flow line composed of web base paper through processes such as pressing corrugated, gluing, bonding, dividing paper and pressing line, transverse cutting into standard paperboard, and finally stacking and output. For example, the single-sided corrugated paper production line is usually composed of web paper support, single-sided corrugated board forming machine and rotary paper cutting unit. It uses web paper materials and potato or corn starch adhesive to continuously produce and cut into single-sided corrugated board of required specifications. The produced board does not need to be dried or dried. At the same time, it can be used in combination with glue machine or veneer machine to produce corrugated board with more than three layers. The corrugated board production line is usually very long. For example, the five layer corrugated board production line includes equipment such as electric shaftless paper frame, paper loading trolley, face paper preheater, core paper preheater, heavy secondary gluing machine and so on.

In the whole corrugated board production line, the wet end equipment is the key equipment of corrugated forming, which mainly involves the influence of base paper, glue, steam and other factors on the forming quality of paper. Therefore, the problem to be solved is the quality of paperboard. The key equipment of the wet end, single-sided corrugating machine, should be technologically advanced equipment, positive pressure cassette type single-sided machine. The numerical display of adjustable gap and the control of gluing amount are very important. Among the cadre equipment, slitter is the equipment that affects the work efficiency, and its selection is very important. The knife in the slitting machine should be movable, and the dust-proof treatment of the cutting knife and wire pressing guide rail should be considered when purchasing Taiwan tile wire, because in actual use, the dust of grinding the knife will fall on the smooth guide rail, resulting in difficult movement of the knife or wire pressing wheel when arranging the knife and frequent shutdown. The minimum spacing between the crimping wheels shall be ensured to be within the actual value of 50mm cutter line positioning mode and cutter arrangement accuracy. Some manufacturers claim to be able to reach a few millimeters, but in practice, there will be an error of 1-2mm. Therefore, it is often detected by personnel, which is inefficient; Several ways of crimping wheel can meet the requirements of multiple types of crimping. 
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